02 mars 2007

Testing a new camera...

_DSC0050Got my first proper camera today... don't know if I didn't overblow it, since while I could carry my previous compact virtually unnoticed, now I get stopped by strangers asking things like: 'Is this the new 18-200mm anti-vibration lense? Excellent stuff!' which is ok, as long as I put it to good use.

My first goal is modest though - just to learn the basic functions, get aquainted with manual settings, start experimenting with different combinations of depth of field and shutter speed... Discounting the in-house experiments after opening the box, this shot of a charming ixelloise police-lady is one of the first presentable photos I've taken with the new camera so far...

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Commentaires sur Testing a new camera...

  • Nice! Which camera is it?

    Posté par Anurag, 06 mars 2007 à 14:33 | | Répondre
  • it's the Nikon D80 - still safely in the 'non-professional' and relatively cheap category of SLRs, but for my purposes, it is more than I have ever dared to hope for

    Posté par TerraIncognita, 06 mars 2007 à 19:30 | | Répondre
  • Hey, a D80 is a good camera. Furthermore, since you are not a professional, it would be more than sufficient for your needs (it would be for mine), so keep shooting. Cheers.

    Posté par Anurag, 07 mars 2007 à 06:04 | | Répondre
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