25 avril 2007

Outstretched arms...

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03 avril 2007

St. Catherine by night

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09 mars 2007

A foray into Schaerbeek

Schaerbeek, Brussels
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01 mars 2007

The strangest buildings in Brussels

One of the defining features of the urban landscape of Brussels is its apparent lack of uniformity, harmony, or indeed any discernable sense of a whole. As if the notion of urban planning was considered largely superfluous. One can thus find incredibly contrasting sights at every corner - the old almost swallowed up by the new, the large right besides the small, the beautiful alongside the dull and ugly... often all at the same spot. It isn't rare to see ancient houses of inestimable historical value in Schaerbeek left to rot... [Lire la suite]
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25 février 2007

Rue de la Cigogne...

One of the smallest and most charming streets in Brussels, hidden away not too far away from the canal...
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25 février 2007

Along the Bruxelles-Charleroi Canal

Sadly, Brussels lost its river in the 19th century, when someone apparently decided it occupies too much space. The only body of water remotely similar to a river is the Bruxelles-Charleroi Canal. Except that its still waters are not exactly full of charm, and on both sides it is flanked by poor and dreary urban areas inhabited mainly by maghrebian immigrants. Of course that doesn't imply lack of things beautiful to behold, or at least interesting enough to be seen - quite the contrary (see PHOTOS)
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05 février 2007

Le bonheur de découvrir la derniére pièce du puzzle

Only a few old houses in the southern part of the Brussels EU Quarter between the European Parliament and the Council survived the euro-construction binge of the 1960s: entire swathes of the city were razed to the ground to make way for the tedious if not monstrous buildings of the then EEC institutions... The last remaining row of old houses on rue Belliard was demolished at the end of last year. Among the solitary survivors of the onslaught is house No.143 with a jig-saw puzzle shop on the ground floor - one of only few... [Lire la suite]
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